assalamu`alaikum guys, hey, selamat malam dan selamat menunaikan kegiatan bagi yang berada di belahan bumi lainnya. sudah hampir 2 bulan ini aku sama sekali tidak aktif di wordpress (jika masih ada post yang terpublish itu karena sengaja aku atur harinya), kenapa? karena aku sedang berhijrah ke blogspot sekarang. Terima kasih untuk yang sudah membaca tulisan-tulisanku [...]


I Got a Scholarship!!!!

Assalamu'alaikum guys, hey, how are you??? Semoga kalian tetap baik-baik saja, sorry banget aku baru bisa update blog ini hampir setengah bulan setelah publish terakhir, but don't worry I will gonna see you again today! Hari ini, Jumat, 11 Mei 2018 dan aku masih berada di lantai 5, mengerjakan beberapa hal dan bersiap-siap untuk berangkat [...]

The Best Gift for Introverted

Assalamualaikum guys, Welcome back to my blog. But actually, those words is for me, not for you guys because due to my hectic day, I could not upload anything in this blog. Today is midnight, Tuesday, 24 April 2018 and Iam in my room (as always). Overthinking really reduce my sleep time in several weeks [...]

“Face Yourself” BTS Japanese Album – review By Amateur Author

Assalamu'alaikum guys, How are you? You are doing fine right? Today I will review BTS song again!! Yeay, finaly. For your information again, I will not review BTS musicality and other kind of indicators. Iam just review about lyrics and linguistic point of view. Just that, so don't have a high expectation on me! BTS [...]

Plot 3! Types of Plot!

In a literary work, especially literature in the form of a writing such as novels, short stories and so on there is a builder element or often called the intrinsic element. One of the intrinsic elements is the plot. And today we are going to discuss about interestig plot. As you know, the clasic writing [...]

Note to My Self

Dear Yesshe Rahma, I know that you are struggling a lot. I know that you are tired or maybe too many pressure that you take everyday. I know that you want to become stronger girl and grow a little bit everytime. Or maybe you just wanna take a rest? Its Ok, everything will be ok. [...]

Sweet smell of nature

Assalamu'alaikum, guys. Hey, today I just wanna share the sweet smell of nature in front of my office. This picture taken by me a week ago maybe. I upload it because maybe my someone miss our office 🙂 Beautiful isnt it?

It is all about loving your country

Assalamualaikum guys, I hope you are still in the best condition right now. Right now is sunday, 25 March 2018. I will write not about creative writing, poem or introverted things, but I will write about my story. Some of you maybe think that why sudenly I want to tell you about my story? The [...]